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About Us

The perfect size?

We offer a range of services comparable to those offered by much larger accounting firms. But we can serve clients in a personal, involved manner difficult for larger firms to match.

We think of ourselves as part of your management team.

First and foremost, we try to be very good accountants.
But we also pride ourselves on offering an important extra: active involvement in the overall success of your venture.
Combining an intimate knowledge of your business, our outsider’s objectivity, and years of experience serving similar companies, we offer advice on matters far removed from the traditional concerns of accountants.
In the past, for example, we have helped clients with such things as acquisition of businesses, selection of an advertising agency, reorganization of production, streamlining of a shipping department, conservation of energy, and establishment of employee incentive and fringe benefit programs.
Like any good me

Our Team

Jessica S. Wathen (270)827-1040

Randall H. Sellars, CPA (270)827-1040