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We offer a full range of accounting services.

We can provide as many or as few accounting services as you need.
On this page you will find a detailed description of the services we offer.

“I expect my CPA to take every legal deduction on my personal tax return.”

Is that all?
That’s a good beginning, but chances are you can save more money by creative tax planning than by just concentrating on routine deductions.
We look at your personal tax situation in light of your income, age, retirement plans, family needs, financial goals and other factors and suggest the best overall tax strategy. We consider all of the available options including the prudent use of tax saving investments, timing of deductions, tax saving trusts, IRAs, SEP plans, joint or separate returns, and other tax saving ideas.
As Judge Learned Hand said, “Anyone may so arrange his affairs that his taxes shall be as low as possible . . . there is (no) patriotic duty to increase one’s taxes.”

Our goal is to provide management with timely information on which to base decisions.
Since we like to consider ourselves as part of a client’s management team, we offer objective and carefully researched advice regarding almost any area of your operations.

Among the more common topics dealt with by us:

  1. Data processing planning, selection, and system design
  2. Data processing installation
  3. Assistance in programming computers
  4. Development of internal accounting and cost accounting systems
  5. Financial and business planning services, including forecasts and budgets by computer
  6. Marketing services
  7. Organizational and compensation planning services
  8. Inventory management and control systems, including open-to-buy by computer
  9. Merger and acquisition assistance
  10. Production control systems
  11. Preparation of financial data for limited and general partnership offerings
  12. Valuation of closely held businesses. We can help in valuation for:
    • Marriage dissolutions
    • Estate planning
    • Buy-Sell agreements
    • Stockholder disputes
  13. General consultation on dissolution settlements, including tax aspects of proposed settlements.
  14. Valuations of economic loss
  15. Merger and acquisition analysis
  16. Bankruptcies
  17. Expert witness testimony

“I expect my audit to be done on time, at a reasonable cost and with minimum disruption.”

Is that all? We think you should expect a lot more. As part of the audit process, our clients get more than just financial statements. They get suggestions on how to save taxes, improve cash flow, reduce paperwork, identify new profit opportunities and other benefits.
Whether our service to you is a full audit or a more limited review, we have two objectives. The first is an accurate presentation of your financial position. The second objective is to help you cut costs, improve profits and operate more efficiently.
In addition to helping you with such bookkeeping needs as ledgers and payroll records (or taking them over from you completely), we can help you prepare financial statements.
We can also give you accounting support in the calculation and recording of depreciation, accounts payable, inventory, and loan amortization.

Our Data Processing Center can serve you in many ways.

Using a computer we can do these important jobs for you:

Payrolls and reporting services

We can calculate monthly, semi-weekly, bi-weekly, and hourly payrolls and do job costing.
We can prepare payroll registers by department, deduction registers, payroll deposit reports, individual earnings records, quarterly tax reports, and monthly distribution to general ledger.
And we can take care of your payroll checks; input forms; hours, vacation and sick reports; W-2’s; check registers; employee status reports; and union reporting – union defined.

Accounts receivable services

We can work with various types of accounts receivable: balance forward, open items – payment recorded and open time – separate record.
We can produce your invoice register; cash receipts register; sales recap journal, cash receipts journal; customer master listing; customer labels; accounts receivable ledger – (open item); past due (attack) listing; past due notices; aged trial balance; aged trial balance by sales person; statements – any format; invoices; and commission reports.

Management reporting – Sales Analysis services

We can analyze and report on dollar sales by customer and dollar sales by sales person. We can prepare historic comparatives by dollar sales, product sales (quantity), product classification sales, salespeople and profitability.
In the area of inventory, we can analyze and report on high to low item sales; gross profit by item; turns and earns by item; vendor analysis; stock out; minimum order point; inventory movement; and item ledger.

Your computer and people can talk directly to our computer.

If you wish, we can establish communication links between your computer and ours. Or we can put terminals, hooked directly to our computer, into your offices.

“I expect accurate and timely monthly financial statements from my CPA.”

Is that all?
Our clients expect a lot more from us than regular reports on what happened LAST month. We design their financial statements to help them run the business THIS month and to highlight opportunities and potential problem areas early enough for them to act rather than react.
Because we know their business, our clients look to us for advice when a certain objectivity and breadth of outside experience is beneficial. We are a sounding board for ideas, a contact in the financial community, a source of creative tax strategies, an imaginative consultant . . . a valuable adjunct to your management team.